Gay romance fiction by MissLucyJane

The Wishing Book of Barnaby Sloan by MissLucyJane


Previously published as The Wishing Book of Barnaby Sloan by Jenna Jones

Barnaby Sloan doesn't believe in magic. His life is ordinary in every possible way: grad school, volunteering, and spending time with his friends. He has a crush on the museum director where he volunteers, Liam Morrison, but has never allowed himself to believe it could become anything more. What could a man like Liam see in somebody as ordinary as him?

Barnaby's beloved aunt gives him a leather-bound journal for his twenty-fifth birthday. Since it's his birthday and people expect him to have wishes, Barnaby writes his wishes in the journal: that he could go to Egypt with his archaeologist aunt, work at the museum permanently, and share his life with Liam.

Barnaby Sloan is about to learn that magic happens everywhere, sometimes in the smallest of ways.

  • Length: Short story
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Available format: .epub
  • Published: 2012
  • Version: 3.0
  • Series: The Wishing Series of Barnaby Sloan
  • Genre: contemporary gay romance
  • Tags: friends to lovers, college student/administrator, first kiss, first time, hint of supernatural
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The Wishing Book Of Barnaby Sloan
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