Gay romance fiction by MissLucyJane

The Auld Lang Syne of Barnaby Sloan by MissLucyJane


Previously published as The Auld Lang Syne of Barnaby Sloan by Jenna Jones.

Barnaby Sloan and his boyfriend, Liam, are trying to be more open and communicative, and tell each other everything. With New Year's Eve approaching, Liam invites Barnaby to join him at the museum's New Year's Eve party. At first, Barnaby is hesitant because he knows his ex-boyfriend, Xander, will probably be there, but his desire to please Liam overrules his worry about the temptation Xander may present.

At the party, all seems to be going well until Barnaby meets Jared, Liam's cute, new secretary, and Jared's date: Xander. Xander makes no secret that he still wants Barnaby. Shaken by the encounter with Xander, Barnaby lashes out at Liam and seeks comfort elsewhere in the museum. New Year's Eve is a time for new beginnings. Can Barnaby resist the temptation to return to old habits?

  • Length: Novella
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Available format: .epub
  • Published: 2014
  • Version: 2.0
  • Genre: contemporary gay romance
  • Series: The Wish series of Barnaby Sloan
  • Tags: established relationship, college student/administrator, hint of supernatural
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